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About JointForce

JointForce is positioned as a reliable Internet-based IT service crowdsourcing platform. Based on socialized cooperation and sharing, it provides a transaction and communication platform for the customers with short or medium term IT service demands and the individuals, teams and enterprises who are willing to provide services. To enable both parties to complete the customized development and delivery of software in a rapid, safe and effective manner, it provides the Development Collaboration Cloud (DCC) with effective and comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the IT service.

Why JointForce

Hand in hand with Huawei DevCloud ,improve your project management efficiency

Provides agile development teams with easy and efficient coordination services, including multi-project management, agile iteration management, requirement management, and so on.

How it works

For Employer

  • 1. Post a project tailored to your business.
  • 2. Professional service providers bid on the job by     submitting their qualifications and solutions.
  • 3. Choose a provider based on their qualifications.
  • 4. Pay when you are satisfied.

For Provider

  • 1. Registration for member providers.
  • 2. Open a JointForce shop online and publish your     services for selling.
  • 3. Find a job you like and bid on it.
  • 4. Making Payments & Getting Paid.

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